14 Insanely Gorgeous Makeup Looks To Try Today

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If you are obsessed with makeup and putting it on your face, then you probably are looking for some new looks to try out. Makeup is so fun to play around with and experimenting with different products is just the best. As soon as you pick up a makeup brush, you immediately start feeling like an artist and your creative side comes out to play. Creating new looks and taking inspiration from many talented makeup artists and influencers out there is something all women should be doing.

The world of makeup is growing everyday and with each passing day new products are launched. With so many products to try out, you need to have some looks in mind, right? Even if you are not that into experimenting with different looks, you might find this article useful whenever you are heading out for some event or party and want to try out something fresh and new. Don’t you worry because we have your back!

Let’s jump straight into these insanely gorgeous makeup looks that would make you want to play around with makeup right now:

Look # 1


We are in love with this tropical/summer-inspired makeup look. The pink lips with that shine really makes this look stand out.

Look # 2


Everything is on fleek here! The eyebrows, the eyeliner, the contour and highlight; ahh we want to recreate this look right now! Do you feel us?

Look # 3


Have a fancy event to go to? This look would be perfect! We love the purple eye shadow matched with that plum colored lip; such perfection.

Look # 4


If you are into pinkish or blush toned eye makeup with a nude lip; this is what you should try out next. We love the subtle contour and that coral colored blush.

Look # 5


A glittery smoky eye… it just screams perfection! Gold shimmery eye makeup with burgundy lips; such a classic combination.

Look #6


This makeup look isn’t something most of us would wear on an everyday basis… but the yellow just reminds you of the sun and summer.

Look # 7


We think this is a great everyday makeup look for women who like to look ‘glowed up’ all the time. BTW check out that highlight!

Look # 8


Cut crease are so on-trend right now and everyone is doing them. To get that perfect cut-crease, you need a steady hand, patience and a lot of practice. Just remember to take your time when doing a cut crease because hurrying things up would just end in a disaster.

Look # 9


If you are not into creating complex or detailed looks, this one is for you. It’s quite easy to achieve and will make you look like a diva.

Look # 10


Another gold-smoky eye look with nude lips; we are in love! This look is perfect for all you ladies out there who want something bold on their eyes and something subtle on their lips.

Look # 11


The lip shade used in this makeup look isn’t something one would gravitate towards normally. However, it’s always good to try out new things, so why not? Give it a go and if you don’t like it, then don’t try it ever again.

Look # 12


Another super simple and easy look to try out with nothing too dramatic.

Look # 13


Running late? Try out this makeup look! All you really need to do is apply some copper colored eye shadow on the outer V of your eye lid. Complete with look with a light pink or mauve shade lip stick.

Look # 14


Another cut crease but this time it’s a little more intense and sparkly! We adore this all-pink shimmery and feminine makeup look.

Which one of these makeup looks was your favorite? We are having a super hard time picking our fave!