10 Gorgeous Wedding Updos for 2017

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Everyone want’s to look absolutely perfect on their wedding day. Starting from the dress to the hairstyle, everything is important and should be done exactly right. When it comes to wedding hairstyles, there are so many different directions you can go for. You can curl them, flat-iron them, do a half-up half-down hairdo or go for a stunning updo. Most brides prefer a wedding updo, which is why we have put together 17 stunning wedding updos that will add that touch of glamor to your look!

Updo # 1


Love curls? This updo is meant for you!

Updo # 2


So much hard work and love has been put into making this stunning wedding updo. How thick does her hair look? It’s all about the detailing!

Updo # 3


This braided bun is totally amazing! If you have two toned hair, go for this updo on your wedding day.

Updo # 4


Both small and large twists can add so much to a hairstyle. That decorative chain really steals the show.

Updo # 5


Perfection at it’s peak, ladies! This is a work of art and we can’t stop looking at it.

Updo # 6


The flowers add so much beauty into this elegant looking updo.

Updo # 7


What an elegant and sophisticated looking wedding updo! If those two words describe your style, then this updo is perfect for you.

Updo # 8


This loose wedding updo with curls is all about making you look and feel pretty on your special day.

Updo # 9


Braids and an updo are the perfection combination for a wedding.

Updo # 10


How insanely stunning does this updo look?

Which updo will you be opting for on your wedding? We would love to know!